Top Five: Ugliest Uniforms In Philadelphia Sports History

CARSON CA - JULY 03: Fred #7 of the Philadelphia Union reactstakes a shot against Chivas USA on July 3 2010 at the Home Depot Center in Carson California. The game ended in a 1-1 draw. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Over this past year or so, we've seen our local sports teams make several uniform changes that have almost all been for the better. The Eagles debuted their good looking throwback kelly green jerseys, the Flyers started using their throwback looking winter classic jerseys, and the Sixers are also going with a more classic look.

We haven't always been this lucky... Here are the top 5 worst looking uniforms in Philly sports history.

2010 Philadelphia Union Away Kit



It's rare that any team in sports has gone with an all gold uniform. That's for good reason, because it looks terrible. The Union probably realized this quickly, since they now usually wear the gold jersey with blue shorts when they play away. Still doesn't look particularly good, but not as bad as all gold.

1982-83 Philadelphia Flyers



Remember when the Flyers wore long pants? They were one of only two teams to try it and suffice to say it was a total failure. Although I couldn't find a good picture, they also wore pants with a stripe down the side sometimes, which is a look that only a gym teacher would like. The logo on the ankle is only slightly better.

The 1979 Philadelphia Phillies "Saturday Night Specials"



Here's an idea, take a really awful color and go completely monochromatic with it. Maroon hat/jersey/pants? Ugh... Thankfully the Phillies only wore these things on Saturday nights and only for a short time.

2007 Philadelphia Eagles Throwbacks



If I could give the Eagles any credit here, it's that this was just a one-time mistake. These uniforms were meant to honor the 1933 Frankfurt Yellow Jackets, which where the earliest incarnation of what would become the Eagles franchise. Problem was, the Yellow Jackets never had shiny blue trim and numbers. These just looked terrible and basically made the Eagles the laughingstock of the NFL for that week.

That said, the team did score 50 wearing those things.

1991-1994 Philadelphia 76ers

What really puts these awful uniforms over the top is that unlike most of the others on this list, these were not special or one off occurrences. The Sixers wore these horrifying things full time for almost four years. Even more awful is that the ugly logo on the front of the uniform is duplicated on the side of the shorts.

Honorable mentions - Phillies powder blue, Phantoms purple jerseys (in fact I'm not sure the Phantoms ever had a decent looking jersey), Croce era Sixers black jerseys, Eagles black jersey/green pants combo.

Currently - Of the four major pro teams in town I'd have to say the Eagles rank last. Fans have never seem to take to the midnight green. It was only exacerbated when the Eagles wore their old kelly green on opening day and looked great in them.

Overall, in researching this list... I'd say the Sixers have had more years of bad uniforms than any of the teams. They look pretty good now though.

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