Tommy Lawlor


Tommy began following the Eagles during the days of Reggie White and Buddy Ryan and started writing about the team in 2003. He avidly followed the NFL Draft during that period as well having been trained by a former NFL scout in the art of player evaluation and scouting. He began the website in 2005 and has written a weekly column for since 2007. You can find Tommy's daily Eagles writing at


Lawlor: No Kelly, so where do the Eagles go now?

With Andy Reid fired and on his way to Kansas City, the Eagle focused their attention on hiring Oregon's Chip Kelly to be Reid's replacement. Kelly met with the Eagles on Saturday, but turned the...

Lawlor: What should Lurie look for in a new coach?

Change is coming. Andy Reid will be let go as early as Monday. Owner Jeffrey Lurie then faces the challenge of finding a new coach. Here are some of the things he needs to consider as he goes...

Lawlor: Will teams want Andy Reid in 2013?


The discussion on Andy Reid's future has shifted from whether he'll return as Eagles coach to whether he will have any job in 2013. For a long time we've heard that Reid will have a job the day...

Lawlor: Evaluating the Eagles offensive line

The Eagles thought that re-signing Evan Mathis last March was going to give them a top notch O-line. All five starters were coming back and expectations were high based on how they played down the...

Lawlor: Eagles Need a Culture Change


Andy Reid brought in a culture of stability and winning when he replaced Ray Rhodes in 1999. That has eroded over time (for a variety of reasons) and it is time for a new coach to come in and once...

Lawlor: What is wrong with the Eagles DBs?

Week after week, receivers run free through the Eagles secondary and catch touchdown passes with ease. How the heck is this possible with all of the talent that the Eagles put on the field? What...

Lawlor: Eagles must find the next Jim Johnson

Since Jim Johnson had to step down as defensive coordinator, the Eagles defense has been highly erratic, to put it mildly. The team tried young/new guys to fill his shoes. That didn't work. In the...

Lawlor: Who's to Blame for the Eagles Mess?


The Eagles can't seem to find rock bottom. The 3-1 start gave way to a 5-game losing streak and now people are trying to figure out who is most at fault. Unfortunately, there isn't one person. ...

Lawlor: What do the Eagles do at QB in 2013?

Michael Vick looked like a superstar in 2010. Since then, his play has leveled off and the lowlights are catching up to the highlights. With big money due in 2013, this could very well be Vick's...

Lawlor: Are the Eagles Talented Enough?

There a lot of theories about why the Eagles are just 3-4 this year. For now let's set aside coaching and schemes and talk strictly about talent. Are the Eagles as talented as everyone thought...

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