Brian Ward


Brian is a lifelong Sixers and Eagles fan who fell off the wagon at an early age to root for the Yankees. He's been blogging at since 2006 and exclusively covering the Sixers there since 2008.


Philadelphia 76ers Owners Have A Tremendous Opportunity

Joshua Harris and Co. will have several new tools at their disposal when the new CBA is signed, now all they have to do is use them well.

NBA Lockout Update: 72 Games Or Nothing?

The union used 20+ hours of last-minute negotiation to squeeze a little bit more out of the league's offer. Now it's time to vote, approve and get ready for a December 15th start.

NBA Lockout Update: Players Plotting To Flush Entire Season

50 players and a handful of agents are at least exploring the option of dissolving the players union to gain leverage in the NBA labor negotiations. If the league calls their bluff, this season is toast.

NBA Lockout Update: Cooler Heads Could Save The Season

If the big issues can be settled this week, we may have a full slate of 82 games to watch this season. As a Sixers fan, that's great news on a couple of different levels.

NBA Lockout Update: The Season Is Slipping Away

Neither side wants to be the first to blink on the two big issues because neither side wants to lose on both. Now we're all left staring at more lost games, and possibly a lost season.

NBA Lockout Update: Let's Point Some Fingers

Thousands of jobs are on the line as the owners and players can't take their egos out of the equation and decide how to split almost $2 billion in profits.

NBA Lockout Update: The First Domino Is About To Fall

If Ric Bucher's report is correct, later today we'll see the first tangible loss of the NBA lockout. Training camps won't be opening on time and some preseason games will also be lost.

Catching Up With the Sixers

The Sixers, both young and old, are keeping themselves busy as the lockout grinds on. If/when the season starts, the work they're putting in now could pay dividends.

NBA Lockout Update: Might We Have A Season?

After months of stasis, the NBA labor talks appear to be headed in the right direction. Will the sides be able to come to an agreement in time to save the season?

Elton Brand Is Finally Playing His Role

Three years later, the Sixers finally have the power forward they were expecting when they lured him away from the Clippers for the Philly Max.

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