Brian Ward


Brian is a lifelong Sixers and Eagles fan who fell off the wagon at an early age to root for the Yankees. He's been blogging at since 2006 and exclusively covering the Sixers there since 2008.


The Sixers Need To Choose A Direction

Get worse and build through the draft. Get better, keep an eye on the cap, and convince a superstar he can win a ring in Philly. Either option works. The only thing Joshua Harris can't do is maintain the status quo with the Sixers.

NBA Lockout Update: Things Have Regressed

Roughly six weeks after the lockout began there's been no movement in least no forward movement. Things may have gotten worse than they were on June 30th.

NBA Lockout Update: Tough Talk From Both Sides

David Stern and Billy Hunter are taking their fight to the media a month into the lockout. Thus far, Stern has the upper hand.

NBA Lockout: The Smiles Will End If Games Are Lost

The NBA's renaissance will be extremely short lived if this lockout costs the fans games. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like either side cares.

Thaddeus Young's Free Agency Will Be First Test For New Sixers Owners

When the new front office is in place and the lockout is over, the Sixers won't have much time to make a decision on Thad Young. A decision which could have ramifications for years to come.

Sixers Rumors: The Writing Is On The Wall For Ed Stefanski

With the new ownership group only one step away from taking over, Ed Stefanski's time with the Sixers appears to be coming to an end. The irony is that he could do more to help the Sixers if he lands in Toronto than he did in his time in Philly.

Sixers Sale Near, End to the Lockout ... Not So Much

The group led by Joshua Harris is about to sign on the dotted line for the Sixers. But how long will he have to wait once the deal has been approved to actually see his team play?

NBA Lockout: Get Comfortable, This Might Take A While

This lockout boils down to the owners wanting a greater share of the profits and the ability to recover from their own mistakes. Odds are, they're going to get both before all is said and done.

2011 NBA Draft Results: Sixers Draft Nikola Vucevic, Apologies To Jrue Holiday

The Sixers' 21-year-old point guard is going to have to keep waiting for a big man who can provide any kind of help on either end of the floor, Nikola Vucevic is merely more of what they already had.

2011 NBA Draft: Sixers Need To Be Bold

The Sixers have a chance to address their biggest need next Thursday, the only question is whether they'll have the gumption to make it happen.

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