Eagles At Bears Was The Highest Rated Game Of The NFL Season

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Eagles At Bears Was The Highest Rated Game Of The Season

The Eagles have now been a part of the three highest rated NFL games of the season.

AMERICA’S GAME OF THE WEEK (Bears/Eagles) notched an amazing 18.0/32 on FOX, the highest-rated #NFL game of this season on any network.less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter


Recap: Eagles Lose to Bears, Fall to 7-4

I'm not sure what happened in that onside kick, but I'm certain people are going to be talking about it all week. The phrase "gave himself up" in the rulebook will be torn apart, just another blemish on the questionable season NFL referees have put together. Here's some bullet points because I'm disgusted.

  • The defense didn't tackle. At all.
  • Trevard Lindley and Joselio Hanson played like trash. Quintin Mikell, Nate Allen, and Dmitri Patterson were also bad. Hopefully Asante Samuel will be ready for Thursday's game against the Texans. At least it seems like all-pro receiver Andre Johnson will be suspended for the game for fighting with Cortland Finnegan
  • They fell behind early and didn't go to the running game enough. LeSean McCoy was really effective in limited carries. Give it to him more often.
  • Jay Cutler wasn't pressured enough. They sacked him four times (2 by Trent Cole) but they barely hurried him otherwise. If you hit him enough, he'll start handing the ball to you. He didn't turn the ball over today, only the third time this season he hasn't coughed it up somehow. He's an up-and-down QB that we didn't make pay for his downs today. Awful showing.
  • The offensive line couldn't contain Julian Peterson. He was really good today and the front five let him get to Michael Vick too much. He was constantly under pressure.
  • Even though the safeties were dropped back so far for the Bears D, Jeremy Maclin and Desean Jackson need to be able to stretch the field somehow. Each Eagles drive took a ton of time off the clock, playing right into the Bears game plan.

Very short week. Game Thursday. We're tied once again with the Giants (who barely beat Jacksonville) atop the NFC East.


Eagles Vs Bears: Michael Vick Finds Brent Celek To Make It 31-26

With the Eagles still down two scores after a meaningless field goal, the Bears went to their prevent defense up 31-19 with just over 4 minutes left. Michael Vick was forced to dink and dunk his way up the field, moving 40 yards to the Bears 31 on multiple short passes to Jason Avant and LeSean McCoy. The two minute warning left them with the ball on the Chicago 30 and a 4th-and-9 for the game. Somehow, Vick slipped the ball between 4 defenders in the middle of the field to Brent Celek, who walked into the endzone for the score. I honestly have no idea how that ball got through. The PAT by David Akers made the score 31-26. An onside kick is sure to come.

Vick had already short-armed his way to over 300 passing yards by distributing the ball among Avant, McCoy, Maclin, Jackson, Celek, Cooper, Harbor, and Harrison. He’s done a good job handling a very different Bears defense. Save for that pick, he’s had a good day.


Eagles Vs Bears: Eagles Defense Failing to Show Up

The defense looks miserable through two and a half quarters, missing tackles, blowing assignments, and looking slow and stupid against a very average Bears offense. They’ve allowed 5 plays over 25 yards and aside from a few offensive line gaffes by the Bears front 5, haven’t gotten enough pressure on Jay Cutler, who they are making look like Peyton Manning out there. Four touchdowns and no interceptions from a very mediocre quarterback is unacceptable.

If this Eagles team comes back from this deficit, it will be because someone on defense made a play. They’ve got a quarter and a half to do it.

28-13 Bears


Eagles Vs Bears: Michael Vick Interception Turns Into Another Jay Cutler Touchdown

This drive, Michael Vick just picked apart the center of the Chicago Bears defense. Receivers are finding holes on either side of Brian Urlacher and Vick is hitting them in stride. Brent Celek, Jason Avant, and Jeremy Maclin each caught passes in the short middle part of the field, turning them into yards and first downs. On first-and-goal, Vick went short to Jerome Harrison for 4 yards to get inside the 5. The next play, Vick’s pass was deflected by Tommie Harris, popped right in the air and interception by Chris Harris for his third pick of the season. This was Vick’s second turnover all season and his first interception. Unfortunate that it was in the red zone, but from a short quarterback, tipped balls are going to happen from time to time. This one hurts with under two minutes left in the half.

The Bears went from their own 37 to the Eagles 20 on two passes by Jay Cutler, one to Devin Hester and one to Earl Bennett. Missed tackles were the pattern on both plays, a few by Dmitri Patterson and Stewart Bradley. While Asante Samuel isn’t the world’s best tackler, his presence is still missed. From the six, Cutler targeted Earl Bennett once again, who had gotten enough space between himself and Quintin Mikell to present an opening to his quarterback and twisted into paydirt.

21-13 just before halftime.


Eagles Vs Bears: Michael Vick Finds Jeremy Maclin For Touchdown

After Joselio Hanson was exploited once again by Jay Cutler for a touchdown to Johnnie Knox, the Eagles found themselves in a two-score hole, 14-3, at the end of the first quarter. The Bears defense had neutralized Michael Vick by pushing their safeties way back to give the cornerbacks a lot of padding on the dynamic Eagles wideouts. This creates a huge space between the 2nd and 3rd levels of the defense, something Vick and the Eagles can capitalize on by sending receivers on 10-15 yard routes and finessing the ball up the field. They’re defending against the big play and Vick needs to take what they’re giving them.

This drive, Vick used receivers Clay Harbor, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, and Jason Avant to get down to the Bears 8 on a first-and-goal. Two incomplete passes later, Vick hit Jeremy Maclin in the middle of the field for Maclin’s team-leading 8th receiving touchdown of the season. The offense did a great job of using what the Bears were doing to their advantage, orchestrating a long touchdown drive that involved 5 different receivers and the entire field.

14-10 Bears.


Eagles Vs Bears: Jay Cutler Hits Earl Bennett for Early Lead

It only took four plays for the Bears to get the lead from the Eagles. After Devin Hester ran around aimlessly to get to the 21, Jay Cutler scrambled 9 yards on first down to make it an enviable 2nd and 1. Matt Forte took the handoff, shrugged off a Stewart Bradley tackle, and followed his blockers all the way to the Eagles 9 yard line. One play later, Nate Allen was late on the cover and Jay Cutler hit fellow Vanderbilt alum Earl Bennett for the score.

One of the biggest questions coming into the game was how the Eagles secondary would play without Asante Samuel. Thus far, starter Joselio Hanson hasn’t done the trick, allowing Bennett into the endzone for 6.

7-3 Bears.


Eagles At Bears: Trent Cole Moves Into Third Place On Eagles All Time Sack List

With his first quarter sack of Jay Cutler, Eagles DE Trent Cole moved past Hugh Douglas into third place on the Eagles all time sack list. It was the 55th sack of Cole’s career. He now trails Clyde Simmons and Reggie White.

He’s got a good shot at catching Simmons who has 76 sacks, but it’ll be a long time if Cole can can ever catch Reggie White who has 124!


Eagles At Bears: Eagles Announce Inactives

The Eagles have announced their inactives for this afternoon’s matchup with the Bears and DT Antonio Dixon will play. Not going for the Eagles will be Asante Samuel, Juqua Parker, Brandon Hughes, Reggie Wells, Garrett Mills & Mike Kafka (3rd QB).


Eagles At Bears: Michael Vick Discusses Today's Game

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick met the media this week and discussed today’s matchup with the 7-3 Chicago Bears. First, he was asked about the importance of protecting the ball against a good Bears defense:

“You’ve got to do a great job protecting the ball against these guys. They make a living off of getting strips and turnovers, and it’s something they do real well. You don’t see too many teams stripping the ball the way they do, and part of that is a credit to just the players they have on defense and their mentality.”

On whether he has to approach this game differently because of the weather in Chicago:

“No, I just think you go out and play your game. I played there when it was four degrees. I don’t think that’s going to be the forecast, so I think it’ll be better playing conditions, hopefully.”

On facing the Bears defense after a difficult test against the Giants:

“It’s a challenge, but every week is going to be a challenge in this league. You don’t want it any other way. I think as you recap over the season, you think about the things you did, your accomplishments, you want to say ‘I went up against the best’ and hopefully you did well. But if not, you just try to think of the things you didn’t do so well, so you always want to play against the best. I think it only makes you better as a team, and overall.”

On the Eagles’ 4-1 record against winning teams this season:

“It says a lot about this team, but at the end of the day you have to go out there and put it all together. Nothing’s going to be given to you. You’ve got to work for everything that you’re going to get and you have to earn it. I think we did a good job this week in our preparation. Let’s get ready to go play some football.”

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