Reid: Steve Smith Likely Won't Be Ready For Week One

Andy Reid said this week that while Jeremy Maclin probably will be ready to play week one against the Rams, Steve Smith "might take a little longer"

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Reid: Steve Smith Likely Won't Be Ready For Week One, Maclin Will

It came as a bit of a surprise when Eagles WR Steve Smith came off the PUP list and returned to Eagles practice last week. The former Giant underwent knee surgery only last December and when he signed in Philadelphia the speculation was that he may not be fully ready to play until midseason. However, his return to practice so early seemed to push up those expectations.

Speaking to WIP this week, Andy Reid tempered those expectations a bit saying Smith isn’t likely to be ready by week one. The good news is that Jeremy Maclin, on the other hand, probably will.

"We still have a couple of weeks here to get them back into playing shape and out there against the Rams possibly. Now with Steve it might be a little bit longer then that. Jeremy I think there is a good chance he will be ready for the Rams, but Steve might take a little bit longer."

Reid also said that neither guy will play in the final preseason game against the Jets on Thursday.


Eagles WR Steve Smith Aiming To Play Week One

Steve Smith was taken off the PUP list and practiced with the Eagles for the first time yesterday. The news certainly came to a surprise to Giants fans, who were under the impression that it would be some time before Smith could play, but it’s certainly a surprise to us as well. Smith also met the media and updated how he was feeling. He says he’s shooting to play week one and knew he was close to practicing.

“I was pretty ahead of schedule. Just from working with the coaches and the training staff, they’re really good with rehabbing so it’s good.” Smith continued, “I think I’ll be able to [play week one], it’s up to what the coaches and trainers want me to do. I’m feeling good, and as long as we have no setbacks, that’s what I’m shooting for.”

Smith also said that it will take a few weeks before he’s back in top physical form, but he’s not experiencing any ill effects right now.

“It’ll take me a few weeks, but I feel really good right now. I don’t feel like I’m laboring or I can’t cut. I’m doing good so far”

He’s been doing extra work with Mike Kafka to get up to speed on the offense.

“Yeah. I stayed after with [QB Mike] Kafka and ran some routes and some plays. It was good to get out there with Vick and catch some balls from him.”

Andy Reid wouldn’t give a timeline on Smith or Jeremy Maclin playing in a game. He only said they would take it “day by day” and give each guy more work and more work as they proved they could handle it.


Eagles' Jeremy Maclin And Steve Smith Practice For The First Time

Eagles WRs Jeremy Maclin and Steve Smith practiced with the team for the first time this year today. Maclin had previously missed all of training camp as he underwent tests for a undetermined illness that was feared to be cancer. Last week, he was given a clean bill of health and declared that he would be ready to start the season.

That Maclin was going to return to practice was a foregone conclusion, but to hear that Smith is back comes as somewhat of a surprise. The Eagles signed the former pro bowler away from the Giants in a shock move this summer. However, coming off knee surgery last December there was real doubt that he may not be ready to start the season. Both Smith and the team have remained positive about his chances to avoid the PUP list to start he year. If he does end up on PUP, he will miss the first six games of the year.

But seeing him return to practice is certainly a step in the right direction. If Smith were to play in Thursday’s preseason finale against the Jets, that would be an even greater indicator that he could be ready to contribute early this year. Smith says that plans to be ready.

"I think I'll be able to [play week one], it's up to what the coaches and trainers want me to do. I'm feeling good, and as long as we have no setbacks, that's what I'm shooting for."

As for Maclin, he’s perfectly healthy so the focus for him will be to get his fitness level up to the point in needs to be. He’s got a little over two weeks for that happen, and he feels confident he'll be up to the task.

"I think this week they're going to ease me into it and monitor my reps, and then they'll let me loose next week." Maclin says, "I don't know what that entails, but I think I'm going to back to being the same guy I was before this."

There’s been no word on whether he’ll play at all in the final preseason game, but Maclin says he's up for if they want him to. 

"I have no idea. A lot of times, the ones don't play in that game. I'm going to get some consideration since I haven't played in the preseason yet, but that's all up to the coaches and what they want to do."


Jeremy Maclin Could Return To Practice 7-10 Days

Philadelphia Eagles head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder spoke to the media this evening to give some background on WR Jeremy Maclin's condition and his prognosis going forward. Earlier this evening, it was revealed that Maclin had spent the entire summer undergoing tests for a form of cancer known as lymphoma, however after a summer of testing he was finally given a clean bill of health today. Burkholder spoke extensively about the timeline and procedures Maclin has undergone, but the important takeaway here is that Maclin is experiencing no symptoms, his weight is back, he is in good shape and will likely return to practice within 7-10 days. He has been cleared to start running and conditioning as soon as he rejoins the team.

In mid Februrary/early March, Maclin was having weight loss, night sweats, fever and generally what you might see as flu like symptoms. Burkholder said that the Eagles did not know about the situation initially because of the lockout. In fact, Burkholder heard about Maclin looking noticeably thin and mentioning an illness through a media report. at that point he got Dr Dorsheimer, the Eagles physician who was on the scene for the Mike Patterson incident, to get in contact with Jeremy. Dr Dorsheimer and Maclin's father, who is a urologist, began treating him in Philadelphia and putting him through a battery of tests to rule out a number of different diseases.

They did discover that he had enlarged lymph nodes and had abnormal blood tests, but could not come to a conclusion on what the cause was. He then returned to St. Louis and basically went through the tests again and got essentially the same inconclusive results. When he did report to the Eagles, Burkholder said he was in great shape and his only request was that the Eagles not disclose what he was going through.

From the point he came into camp, the Eagles knew he had a laproscopic surgery scheduled back in St. Louis to finally rule out cancer or any other life threatening illnesses. That was why he left for St Louis prior to the first preseason game.

He says Maclin does have some inflammation in his system, which they will treat, but he displays no symptoms. He has been cleared to resume running and working out. If all goes well, he will likely be cleared to return to full practice in 7-10 days.


Jeremy Maclin Given Clean Bill Of Health After Summer Long Cancer Scare

Jay Glazer broke the story this evening that Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin has been cleared to return to football after doctors gave him a clean bill of health. Maclin revealed that his absence from Eagles training camp stemmed from a false positive test earlier in the summer that led doctors to believe that he had contracted a form of cancer known as lymphoma.

However, after five months of extensive and sometimes painful testing, doctors finally confirmed that that the initial suspicions were incorrect and he had no traces of cancer. Maclin told Glazer that he wanted everyone to know he was fine and that all the rumors that had been swirling about him were unfounded.

"That’s first and foremost, I want everyone to know I’m fine, I’m healthy," Maclin said. "I was tested for everything, and everyt single test came back negative. I don’t have mono, I don’t have AIDS, leukemia — all the things people were guessing on, there was nothing. I was being tested for lymphoma and thank God everything has come back negative.

The ordeal began back in May when, according to the report, he began experiencing "rapid weight loss, iron anemia and irregular results from blood tests." Doctors found that his lymph nodes were inflamed, which combined with those other symptoms can be a sign of lymphoma. So Maclin then spent the entire summer putting weight back on, getting in shape for the season and actually feeling just fine, but all while having it in his mind that he might have cancer. The 23 year old said that it was frustrating to hear all the rumors about his illness, but he preferred to keep the issue private until he was sure of the final diagnosis. He credits the Eagles for protecting his privacy.

"I wanted to keep it private until I knew for sure what was going on, and the Eagles were amazing. They were one of the only ones who knew. My relationship with them is more than professional. They were like family during this."

In the end, the cause was simply an inflammatory virus which doesn't even require medicine. It just runs through your system and that's that. Unfortunately, the mental anguish and cancer tests he had to endure ended up being far worse than the actual disease itself.

Maclin says he has been cleared to return to football, but he'll have to "wait a little more" while he recovers from the final procedure that was done to unequivocally rule out cancer. It actually involved doctors removing his lymph nodes through his belly button. But with that all behind him, Maclin says he's just looking forward to getting back to normal life.

"Man, I don’t wish this on anybody. I look back at my whole life, I’ve already gone through so much. I already appreciate where I am and appreciate the game of football. I can’t wait to get back out there and just resume my normal life."


Roseman: We Expect Jeremy Maclin Back Shortly

Despite Jeremy Maclin's brother saying there would "definitely' be news about the WR coming today, so far the news has not come. Andy Reid was asked this morning if he had any news and whether he's heard what Maclin's brother said?

"Today, right? Well possibly today. We haven't finished today, I don't think. We have a few hours."

Howie Roseman was a guest on 97.5 the Fanatic and was positive, but not entirely forthcoming.

"We totally anticipate Jeremy being part of our football team," Roseman said an interview on 97.5 The Fanatic. "We anticipate him being back here shortly, with us when we get back to Nova Care."

Roseman later said that they would hopefully "have an update shortly." So, still no news, but we are getting more and more indications that whatever this is, it's not a big deal and everyone involved seems pretty confident that Maclin will be playing this year.


Report: Jeremy Maclin Illness News To Come Today

A member of Jeremy Maclin's family told the Sporting News that "he's fine" and that there will "definitely" be news about his condition tomorrow.


Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin reports to Eagles Camp

Jeremy Maclin announced on twitter that he has returned to Lehigh and joined the Eagles at training camp. Maclin had been excused from the first four days of practice for what had been called an undisclosed illness. He had reportedly come down with mono-like symptoms earlier in the offseason and lost almost 15 pounds, but said that he’d gotten better and gained the weight back. In fact, he was one on the Eagles spending the most time working out at the little camps in South Jersey.

So it was certainly a surprise when he didn’t show up to camp this year and so far we still have no idea what actually held him out. It’s likely we’ll find out tomorrow when practice resumes and he is likely out on the field.

With Maclin’s return and Danny Watkins’ signing, that leaves only one prominent Eagle not up at camp, DeSean Jackson. There have been reports that he will show up this week, but so far we have not seen him. Reportedly, they’ve told him that they’ll only negotiate a new deal if he’s here.

The official league calender identifies August 9th as the day players must report to camp in order to accrue a year of service towards free agency. While that date is in question, what it means is that if DeSean doesn’t report by then he will not earn a year toward free agency and therefore will be a restricted free agent at the end of this year. Clearly, he does not want that.

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