NHL Power Rankings Week 22: Pittsburgh Is Really, Really Good

This week, Pittsburgh jumps to the top of the East as Boston plummets. No, it's not the Sidney Crosby effect. It's the Score-Adjusted Fenwick.

Included at the end of each blurb is the playoff probability provided by Fear the Fin, based on the Score-Adjusted Fenwick first published by Broad Street Hockey’s Eric T, and incorporated in the Power Ranking Rating.

The Power Ranking Rating is arrived at through a formula which includes the teams' adjusted points per game (regulation wins count for two while games going to overtime, regardless of outcome, count for one point) and Score-Adjusted Fenwick. The two are weighted, giving strong preference to Score-Adjusted Fenwick, while also factoring in how successful a team has been at winning games in 60 minutes.

Here we go:

Eastern Conference

This Week Last Week Rationale
1 3 The Penguins...Sidney Crosby! Really, that's it. (Playoff Probability 100%) 1.045
Rangers_medium 2 2 New York clinched a playoff berth, the first team in the East to do so. (Playoff Probability 100%) 1.031
Flyers_medium 3 4 The Flyers lost Andrej Meszaros to back surgery, ending his season. (Playoff Probability 100%) 1.010
Bruins_medium 4
1 Boston beat Toronto 8-0. Yeah, it was bad. (Playoff Probability 99.9%) 0.942
Senators_medium 5
5 The Senators are getting great production out of Ben Bishop, making his acquisition one of the best of the deadline. (Playoff Probability 94.4%) 0.876
Panthers_medium 6
9 Florida is once again receiving solid goaltending, something they've had their entire existence. (Playoff Probability 96.3%) 0.869
Capitals_medium 7
6 The Capitals are crashing the net, and Mathieu Perreault is one of the biggest culprits. (Playoff Probability 65.6%) 0.842
Devils_medium 8
7 New Jersey didn't quite get the Enforcer aspect right. (Playoff Probability 99.7%) 0.841
Jets_medium 9
8 The Jets have one of the largest home/road splits of anyone in awhile. (Playoff Probability 23.5%) 0.813
Hurricanes_medium 10
Carolina lost Jeff Skinner to a suspension for kicking. Yup. (Playoff Probability 0.4%) 0.767
Sabres_medium 11
11 The Sabres lost Tyler Myers to a suspension for boarding. (Playoff Probability 19.2%) 0.752
Lightning_medium 12
Tampa Bay is going through injuries, but they have clearly defined jobs for their call-ups. (Playoff Probability 0.5%) 0.736
Maple_leafs_medium 13
The Maple Leafs are a sad, sad bunch. But they provide some solid humor, like this video parody. (Playoff Probability 0.3%) 0.724
Islanders_medium 14 15 New York is a bad franchise. This much is obvious. But Larry Brooks doesn't really know why this is true. (Playoff Probability 0.0%) 0.675
Canadiens_medium 15 14 The Canadiens are revisiting whether letting Saku Koivu go and acquiring Scott Gomez was a smart move. It wasn't. (Playoff Probability 0.0%) 0.670

Western Conference

This Week Last Week Rationale
Blues_medium 1 2 The Blues lost to the Hurricanes, which is bad. But haikus always cheer people up! (Playoff Probability 100%) 1.154
Red_wings_medium 2 1 Detroit is going to be without Jimmy Howard again. (Playoff Probability 100%) 1.034
Canucks_medium 3
3 The Canucks may be better than last year's version. (Playoff Probability 100%) 1.014
Blackhawks_medium 4
6 Chicago is getting solid production out of Patrick Sharp and Viktor Stalberg. (Playoff Probability 98.8%) 0.951
Predators_medium 5
5 The Predators are getting Alexander Radulov soon. He's already in the States. (Playoff Probability 99.9%)
Kings_medium 6
9 Los Angeles does not have an easy road to the playoffs. (Playoff Probability 59.3%) 0.893
Sharks_medium 7
4 The Sharks are looking closely at themselves to see why they are on the outside of the playoffs looking in. (Playoff Probability 65.9%) 0.887
Stars_medium 8
Dallas got Sheldon Souray and Radek Dvorak back from injury. They rejoiced. (Playoff Probability 70.4%) 0.858
Coyotes_medium 9
7 The Coyotes have had their share of troubles lately, including giving up early goals. (Playoff Probability 45.4%) 0.831
Flames_medium 10
Calgary is questioning whether Jarome Iginla is worthy of a Hart Trophy nomination. (Playoff Probability 15.6%) 0.808
Avalanche_medium 11
The Avalanche want heart over skill. This is supposedly a winning formula. (Playoff Probability 44.7%) 0.798
Anaheim still offers a few reasons to keep watching. (Playoff Probability 0%) 0.740
Oilers_medium 13
The Oilers are once again playing spoilers in the West. (Playoff Probability 0%) 0.634
Wild_medium 14
Minnesota is not happy Ryan Kesler avoided a suspension for clipping Cal Clutterbuck. (Playoff Probability 0%) 0.622
Blue_jackets_medium 15 15 The Blue Jackets are going to be without Curtis Sanford and James Wismiewski again, and neither injury sounds good. (Playoff Probability 0%) 0.513

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