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Eagles Trade Mike Bell for Cleveland Browns RB Jerome Harrison

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This from Jay Glazer.  Here's a look at Jerome Harrison's season so far.


He's given way to Peyton Hillis as the Browns starting back, but he's got a ton of talent at a stout 5'9, 205. At the end of last season, he rushed for 561 yard and 5 touchdowns in three games. The Washington State product is 27 and probably lacking in upside, but compared to the production we've failed to get from Mike Bell, this is a good move for the Eagles. If LeSean McCoy's injury lingers (despite last week's impressive showing), Harrison is a great insurance plan. Considering Owen Schmitt's play of late, Bell as a fullback here wasn't happening.

I'm not sure if the Browns are considering Bell for their fullback position or just another bruising back behind Hillis, but considering Harrison was on Mangini's naughty list, the reasoning for the deal is clear. Hillis has been fumble-prone this season and Mike Bell only has three career fumbles lost. Could be a red zone threat and completely mess up my fantasy teams.

Stay tuned for more as the story develops and keep an eye on BGN for their reaction.