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NFL Power Rankings Week 7: Eagles Claw Their Way Into Top Ten

The Eagles rose to 4-2 and finally got themselves an undeniably quality win with their blowout of the Atlanta Falcons Sunday. The win over the Falcons, who most ranks had as the NFC's top team last week, has put the Eagles in the conversation of the NFC's elite. The power rankings this week certainly reflect that.

Fox Sports has the Eagles jumping up seven spots to no. 8, which was the third biggest jump of the week in the Fox rankings.

Wow, that was some win over the visiting Falcons. The Eagles are starting to put it together on both sides of the ball, and their much-maligned special teams coverage just might have been fixed

In our latest SB Nation power rankings, the Eagles have jumped up three spots into the no. 10 slot. It has the Eagles ranked as the no. 3 team in the NFC slightly behind the Saints and Giants.

A two-score victory over a likely playoff team is a nice victory. The Eagles are sitting in a good spot with two good QBs on the roster.