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Houston Dynamo Come To PPL Park For Revenge Against Union

For the preview, we asked Ginge of Dynamo Theory to do a "Three-for-Three" question and answer exchange:

(1) What do the Dynamo need to do to rebuild for next season?  What have been the major problems for the current season?

It's a big process that the Dynamo are facing. A new central defender, a goal scorer, a dynamic attacking midfielder, they need big pieces that are sometimes difficult to find in MLS. They will likely fill the goal scoring need with a DP signing (if they can find the right player) but it's going to take some good drafting and/or
scouting to fill the other needs. As for the major problems, inconsistent play, poor defending, not enough goal scoring, you name it, the Dynamo have struggled with it this season.

(2) What will the Dynamo game plan be to stop Sebastian Le Toux from taking over another game?

The Dynamo are perfectly capable of taking Le Toux out of the game, but that doesn't mean it will happen. Ideally, they will probably use some combination of Mulrooney/Chabala/Hainault/Boswell to make sure he's accounted for at all times. Expect Boswell to try to muscle him when he moves in towards goal and see if he can knock him out of the play or interrupt his runs.

(3) Who should the Union look out for in this game?  Has any Dynamo player found exceptional form of late?

The best weapon in the past couple weeks has been Dominic Oduro. He's scored in two straight games and has caused havoc for KC and DC's back lines. His scoring touch leaves much to be desired, but he's the closest thing to a hot hand the team has right now. Geoff Cameron has settled back in to the CAM role and has looked more dangerous the past couple weeks. It's where he would of been all season if not for the injury and holes in the defense at points. He seems to have found his shot last week.

Ginge's questions and our answers can be found over at SBN Houston.  For more on the game, check out The Brotherly Game (Union) and Dynamo Theory (Dynamo).