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Steelers James Harrison Considering Retirement After Fine

The talk of the NFL this week has understandably been about the spate of concussions after a weekend of particularly ferocious hits to the head. The NFL fined three players this week a total of $175,000 for what they deemed to be illegal hits.

The biggest fine went to Steelers LB James Harrison for his hit on Browns WR Mohamed Massaquoi. He was levied a $75,000 fine after having been deemed a repeat offender. Harrison is reportedly so taken aback by the fine, that he is considering calling it quits from the NFL.

"You literally have to think about changing the way you play football. Honestly, I’m truly considering if I can play football in the NFL by the rules that they’re trying to make. I’m honestly going to sit down with my coach and see if I can play football within the NFL rules and still be effective. If not, I may have to give up playing football."

"If I don’t get the answer that I feel will make me effective at what I do and still not put myself at getting hurt or injured, then I’m going to have to try to find a way that I may possibly be able to get out of whatever agreement I’ve made with the Steelers."

We’ve already established the James Harrison is not the smartest man in the NFL, but he’s smarter than to retire because of this. Guaranteed that he’ll be playing this weekend, but that would be one hell of a bold statement if he did walk away…