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Phillies Set Postseason Roster, No Shockers

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Here’s my playoff roster article of two weeks ago. And here’s the current roster. Carrying a seven-man bench seems a little risky to me, but considering a three-man rotation and the three men we plan on using in that rotation, a stacked bullpen doesn’t seem all that necessary.


I would’ve liked Vance Worley to be on the roster instead of Greg Dobbs, and I’m a little surprised John Mayberry will report to the Arizona Fall League while Domonic Brown stays with the big club. Worley has been performing well out of the pen and Dobbs is redundant after Ross Gload and Brown. The ability to play infield could’ve been what pushed him over the fence. Mayberry is a power right-handed bat with more fielding experience, but Dom is the future and I like Charlie and Ruben acknowledging how important this will be for young Domonic going forward.


We’ll see tomorrow.