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Minnesota Vikings Cut WR Randy Moss After Postgame Rant

Yesterday, we put up this video of Vikings WR Randy Moss holding an odd press conference following his current team's loss to his previous team, the New England Patriots. In the rant, Moss declared that he would no longer answer questions from the media for the rest of the year, was effusive in his praise of Bill Belichick and and Patriots team, and finally seemed to blame the Vikings coaching staff for not listening to his advice when they were preparing to face the Patriots defense.


Today, the Vikings cut the seven-time pro bowler. It was just less than a month ago when the Vikings sent a 3rd round pick to the Patriots to acquire Moss. Now, amazingly he could end up back with the Patriots if he clears waivers. However, there’s likely to be a few teams like Miami and Seattle that could be interested in his services.


Either way, the Vikings gave up a 3rd round pick to the Patriots for nothing… Ugh, Belichick wins again.