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Roy Halladay Wins NL Cy Young Unanimously

Via The Good Phight, Roy Halladay got all 32 first place votes to win his 2nd career Cy Young, and first in the National League. He joins an elite class of pitchers to win the award in both leagues: Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez, and Gaylord Perry. A conspiracy theorist would note that all of them have "r's" in their first name, but I am no such theorist.

Halladay went 21-10 in the 2010 season, putting up a 2.44 ERA and 219 strikeouts to just 30 walks. Add to that a 2-1 postseason (his first) with a 2.45 ERA and a dominant no-hitter against the Reds. Really impressive season for Roy -- he probably should've won 25 games if the bats didn't fall asleep for most of the season. Oddly enough, he only had two No Decisions all season long -- a 1-0 win against Cincinnati and a 4-3 loss at Colorado. We've still got him for a few more years and I believe the best is yet to come. Congrats to Roy.

Roy Oswalt got a few other votes that landed him at 6th place on the balloting. He was 7-1 with a 1.74 ERA as a Phillie, as well as a 2.75 ERA in the postseason. Put the Roy's together and the Phillies have got an amazing righty 1-2 punch in the rotation. 6th is fair for him.

Unfortunately, Cole Hamels didn't receive a vote from any of the Baseball Writers of America. The 12-11 record aside, his 3.06 ERA  and 211 strikeouts with a 1.80 postseason ERA merited a few votes. The lefty put up a 2.23 ERA after the all-star break and opponents hit .214 off him. He's a stud and the record should reflect that next season.

Congrats to the Roy's -- this shouldn't be the last time any of our top 3 pitchers get hardware like this.