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Week 11 NFL Picks

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Last week I went three for five in prime NFL picks and had the New York Jets just kicked a field goal in overtime against the Browns rather than score a TD.. I would have only had one loss! But alas, those are the breaks. I was also disappointed that I didn't put the Bills in my best bets of the week because there was no doubt in my mind they would win and cover last week against Detroit.... but saying that now does my wallet no good. So here's my best bets for Week 11 of the NFL season

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings (-2.5) - I honestly can't figure out how the Vikings are favored here. The Packers are clearly the better team, Brett Favre is being held together by duct tape and Aaron Rodgers is hitting his stride. I see them going into the Twin Cities and not only winning, but lighting up the Vikings. Pick: Packers

Chicago Bears at Miami Dolphins (-1.5) - Lost in all the drama over Miami's QB situation last week is that they actually beat the Titans, who many saw as one of the better teams in the NFL. Plus, they did it convincingly putting up 29 points in that game. The Bears are just a team I don't trust. Here's a crazy stat, the Bears road wins have come against teams that were a combined 0-12 when the Bears played them. Pick: Dolphins

Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots (-3) - I really think this line flatters the Colts and is more about their mystique than how they've actually played this year. The Patriots convincingly beat a better team than the Colts last week and they did it in on the road in Pittsburgh. The Colts are beat up whereas the Patriots are heating up and I think they win this by a touchdown a Foxboro. Pick: Patriots

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles (-3) - The Eagles are feeling it right now. While I don't expect the Giants to come out looking as terrible as they did last week against Dallas, but they're running into a team brimming with confidence that also happens to have the highest scoring offense in the NFC. The Eagles defense also has been shaky, but they can pressure the passer and create turnovers. The Eagles offense on the hand, rarely turns the ball over. The Giants are a turnover prone team with a patchwork offensive line, which appears to play right into the Eagles' hands. Pick: Eagles

Oakland Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers (-9) - This line tells me people are sleeping on the Raiders a bit. I'm not sure they're ready to go into Pittsburgh and get a win yet, but I don't think they deserve to be nine-point underdogs. This is the third highest line of the week and you can't tell me it's the third biggest mismatch of the week. The Steelers only have one more win! I'm taking the Raiders to cover here. Pick: Raiders

Some honorable mention pick that I like but not good enough to give the full stamp of approval - Jaguars (-3) over Browns.