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Philadelphia Marathon Schedule

The actual Philadelphia Marathon kicks off Sunday, but the weekend full of events begins today. The events take place today at noon at the Pennsylvania Convention Center starting with a Health & Fitness Expo that runs through the weekend. You’ll also have an opportunity to pick up your race packet if you are participating in any of the races over the weekend.


On Saturday, the Rothman 8k begins at 7:30 am right at the Art Museum on the Ben Franklin Parkway. Later at 4:30 there’s a “Runner Pasta Party” at the Spaghetti Warehouse on Spring Garden Street. So go carbo load…


Then on Sunday it’s for real… The marathon and half marathon are run concurrently and both begin at 7am near the art museum. If any readers are running the marathon or have friends in it, definitely share your story in the comments. Also, does anyone have parties planned to watch marathon go by hour house?