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NBA Power Rankings Week 1: Sixers Not The Worst!

The first NBA power rankings are out and as you might expect, the Sixers are a bottom dweller thought they aren't the worst team in the league. Of course, that could change tonight. The ranks are done by conference, not the association as a whole. The Sixers come in at #14, or second to last in the Eastern Conference

Another winless team who, if we look at the games played so far, we would half expect to be winless, so no harm done I suppose, though only one of those games was even competitive down the stretch.  When the highlights of your early season are "Elton Brand isn't dead" and "Evan Turner crossed over Dwyane Wade", it's hard to get over-excited about the future.

Coming in last the ranks? Tonight's opponent, the Washington Wizards. If those Wizards happen to beat the Sixers, then obviously Doug Collins' boys will find themselves at the bottom.