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Philadelphia Marathon A Financial Boon For The City

Temple University released a study this week that detailed what a big success the Philadelphia marathon has become for the city. Last year, the event pumped over $15 million into the local economy and with record registrations this year that number is likely to rise. The study also found that the event attracts “affluent visitors” to the city who are likely to promote future tourism.


Temple School of Tourism and Hospitality Management researcher Emily Sparvero says the event serves as a showcase for the city.


"The Philadelphia Marathon events showcase Philly as a destination to a group of consumers who are attractive to the local economy when you have this high socio-economic group coming to our city. Those are the people we want as visitors to boost and keep our economy going."


For some recommended places to watch the marathon check out our previous article. Also, you can download a map of the full route here.