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Brad Childress Fired By Vikings

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Former Eagles offensive coordinator and current Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress has been fired after his team’s embarrassing 31-3 blowout loss to the Green Bay Packers. The team has named another former Eagles assistant, Leslie Frazier, the interim head coach.


The Vikings started this season as the odds-on Superbowl favorite, but have been a huge disappointment after 10 games going 3-7. Clearly getting blown out by their division rival at home was the last straw.


It’s not just the losses though, things have really come apart in Minnesota. Childress had lost the locker room and a number of players have anonymously said they didn’t believe in him anymore. There were players fighting and arguing on the sidelines yesterday. Plus, let’s not even forget the Randy Moss debacle where Childress cut the player after spending a 3rd round pick on him just a few weeks prior.


This is the second time this season a coach has been fired the day after being blown out by the Packers.