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Cowboys Head Coach Wade Phillips Fired

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has finally done what pundits have been speculating he'd do for week. Head coach Wade Phillips has been fired. The Cowboys, who many had pegged as a Superbowl favorite have gotten off to a terrible 1-7 start. The Cowboys will reportedly replace Phillips with offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, who gets the "interim head coach" tag. Anyone who saw Phillips cringeworthy and sad press conference last night could see this was a defeated man who simply had nothing left. Jones likely did Phillips a favor by letting him go.

It's interesting that they named Jason Garrett, the highest paid assistant in the NFL, the interim head coach. Once upon a time, Garrett was seen as a hot head coaching prospect and was deemed as the eventual successor to Wade. Well, he is indeed Wade's successor but whatever shine he had on him as a potential head coach candidate around the league is long gone. I suppose this will be his last shot to reclaim some of his former juice, but most likely he'll be fired at season's end when Jerry Jones cleans house and brings in another big name coach to install his own system.

This isn't the NBA, midseason coaching changes in the NFL are uncommon and don't really do anything. This is just an attempt by Jones to show some kind of accountability and to throw the seething fans a bone. It's mostly a signal of what is likely to come for that franchise in the offseason. It won't likely make an real difference, but in the end I suppose it was a move that had to be made.