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Army Navy Game: Wyatt Middleton's 98 Yard Fumble Return Puts Midshipmen up 24-7

Now it’s Navy fans’ turn to go nuts. After a third Navy fumble, Army took the ball and promptly ran their way straight down the Navy goal line. QB Trent Steelman went for the sneak, but the ball was knocked out into the hands of Navy’s Wyatt Middleton, who returned it 98 yards for a TD.

It was the longest fumble return in Navy history.

It was a huge turn of momentum for Navy, who had been reeling after their offense coughed the ball up for a 3rd time. Army had scored their first TD against them in 4 four years and they quickly found themselves right back on the goal line trying to keep Army out of game. With Army due to get the ball at the start of the second half, allowing a TD there would have given army a huge lift.

So the game goes from looking like 17-14 with Army getting the ball in the second half, to 24-7 Navy in the span of a few seconds. Suddenly, the Midshipmen are rolling and look like a good bet to win their ninth straight over Army.