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Brett Favre's Streak of 297 Consecutive Starts Ends

Brett Favre has been ruled out of tonight's game against the Giants, which means his NFL record streak of 297 consecutive starts has come to end. In fact, we may have seen Favre's final game. ESPN is reporting that he's going to sit down with the Vikings this week and may be put on IR for the final three games of the season.


Love him or hate him, and undoubtedly  you're in one of those categories, it was a hell of a run for Favre. In a game like the NFL playing the QB position it's almost hard to fathom a lasting this long without missing one. It's toughness, skill & luck all wrapped up in one.


For the Giants, things can't have worked out better tonight, for the Vikings it can't get worse. Minnesota loses a home game, their starting QB and they now have to play in the city of a division rival. So not only do they lose a home game, it will likely be more like a home game for the Giants and a hostile environment for the Vikings. 


Granted, the Vikings aren't in playoff contention but this is still a bitter pill to swallow.