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Eagles Vs Vikings: Michael Vick Talks Brett Favre

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The Eagles host the Vikings this week and it appears we'll be doing our usual "will he or won't he" in regards to whether Brett Favre will play. He suffered a concussion last week and did not practice yesterday. The general feeling in Minnesota is that he won't be able to go, but that was the general feeling last week and he did start. This week, Michael Vick was asked his thoughts on Brett Favre's career.

"First ballot Hall of Famer to sum it all up. First ballot regardless of how it all ended. It's about what he's been to the game, what he's done for the game. Things he's been able to accomplish. He's a great man, person, personality he has. He's a dynamic football player. He's paved the way for so many others. A lot of people want to be like him. They want to emulate what he's done. It's a long way to be able to play 20 years and accomplish all the things that he's accomplished - win the Super Bowl, two-time MVP. It's awesome."

Brett Favre, who has taken a beating in his career, ended his record games started streak two weeks ago. Vick was asked how his conditioning allows him to continue being effective at this point in this season despite the hits he's taken this year?

"Well, I pride myself on being durable and being accountable for my team in different ways and I take pride in that. It has paid off. I don't lift once a week, I lift three times a week and I try to put myself in the best position so that throughout the season I can last for the duration."

Finally, is there a sense of excitement that the team could be division champions before the game even starts Sunday?

"Given what we've been through and how far we've come, it's going to be exciting anyway. Any time I have an opportunity to strap up, go out there and play the game, it's exciting. To have a lot at stake and to work as hard as we've worked throughout this season and to accomplish so much, it will definitely put a stamp on this season. We just have to continue to move forward. It's just one stepping stone and plenty more hurdles to cross."