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Brett Favre Fined $50000 For Not Cooperating In Jenn Sterger Investigation

We've all heard the story by now... A former Jets employee named Jenn Sterger claimed that Brett Favre made sexual advances to her which involved him sending pics of his junk to her cell phone. A few other women employed by the Jets also claimed that Favre had made unwanted advances on them as well. So the the NFL began an investigation. They analyzed the evidence (pictures of his junk) and interviewed everyone involved including Favre and Sterger. In the end, they decided that they could not be sure that Favre violated any workplace conduct policies.

On the basis of the evidence currently available to him, Commissioner Goodell could not conclude that Favre violated league policies relating to workplace conduct. The forensic analysis could not establish that Favre sent the objectionable photographs to Sterger. The review found no evidence to contradict the statements of both Favre and Sterger that they never met in person, nor was there anything to suggest that Sterger engaged in any inappropriate conduct.

However, that doesn't mean Favre got off scott free.

The NFL has fined him $50000 for not full cooperating with the investigation.

However, Commissioner Goodell also determined that Favre was not candid in several respects during the investigation, resulting in a longer review and additional negative public attention for Favre, Sterger, and the NFL. The commissioner notified Favre that he has been fined $50,000 for his failure to cooperate with the investigation in a forthcoming manner. Commissioner Goodell stated to Favre that if he had found a violation of the league's workplace conduct policies, he would have imposed a substantially higher level of discipline.

Favre makes about $660,000 a game.