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Lebron James' Return To Cleveland Beats Eagles Vs Texans In Ratings

The 38 points Lebron James scored in his return to Cleveland was not the greatest feat he pulled off last night. In a very rare occurrence, the NBA beat the NFL in the TV ratings. The Heat vs the Cavaliers drew a 5.0 national rating while the Eagles vs Texans drew a 4.1 number.


Now, the NBA game was on TNT which reaches far more households than NFL Network does. So the NFL game was likely far more watched by households with NFL Network. Still, it really is a testament to what an event it was that Lebron was returning to Cleveland.


I know that personally, there was no way I was going to miss the start of that game. And by the way, the Cleveland fans did not disappoint. Of course, neither did Lebron. I’m not sure I’ve heard every single person in an arena boo a single player every time he touched the ball like that. I also don’t think I’ve seen a guy throw it back in the fan’s faces like Lebron.