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Cowboys WR Dez Bryant Breaks Ankle, Likely Done For The Year

It was a bittersweet day for the Dallas Cowboys for a few reasons. On one hand they went to Indianapolis and beat the Colts, which you think would generally be a good thing. Problem is, all a win does at this point for that team is hurt their draft status… but much worse than that is the fact they’ve now lost rookie WR Dez Bryant to a broken ankle.


This means the Eagles will face the Cowboys next week without Tony Romo, Marion Barber, or Dez Bryant. As a fan, I’ll have to admit I’m a bit bummed about that because I wanted all hands on deck for this revenge game of all revenge games (let us never forget what happened at the end of last season)… but at this point in the NFL season you have to take any breaks you can get and the Cowboys losing Bryant is certainly a break in the Eagles favor.