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Josh McDaniels Fired By Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos announced today that they’ve fired their head coach, Josh McDaniels, just two years after hiring him away from the Patriots. McDaniels’ tenure in Denver has been marked mostly by losing and mind boggling personnel moves. I can’t say as though I’m surprised… Just this past week in our NFL power rankings I asked, "Is Josh McDaniels the worst coach in the NFL right now? Seriously, Wade Phillips is gone. It may be true."

Then when I was making my week 13 picks, I said "I’m not sure if there’s a coach I have less faith in than Josh McDaniels." So yeah, I wasn’t a fan.

In just two years, McDaniels traded away his franchise QB Jay Cutler, used essentially a first round pick on CB Alphonso Smith only to give up on him a year later and send him to Detroit where he’s actually played well, mortgaged the teams future to move into the first round for Tim Tebow, and finally traded Peyton Hillis(one of the best backs in the NFL this year) for Brady Quinn.

All of that would be excusable if simply won games… but he doesn’t. Then to cap off his disastrous reign as head coach he’s involved in Spygate part two where the exact same guy who got the Patriots in trouble for filming practices does the same thing for McDaniels. The guy fell on the sword and McDaniels claims he never watched the tape, but how on earth can he justify hiring the guy in the first place? So yeah, I’d say firing him was a pretty good idea.