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Houston Texans Sign Former Eagle Quintin Demps

Former Eagle Quintin Demps has resurfaced with this week, signing with the Houston Texans. Demps, who was once slated to be the heir apparent to Brian Dawkins, was cut by the Eagles before the season after being beat out by rookies Nate Allen & Kurt Coleman.


Demps actually had an encouraging rookie season playing a lot down the stretch as a deep free safety in a scheme that Jim Johnson devised so he could play Brian Dawkins up closer to the line of scrimmage. The season ended however, with a pretty disastrous game for Demps against Arizona Cardinals. That said, he was still slated to take over the starting job the following year. However after a poor camp, Demps hadn’t earned the starting job and told reporters he was “irritated” by the team not naming him a starter. That immaturity was probably the beginning of the end for Demps.


He played sparingly last season and was cut before this season. I really do think Demps has some talent, but his attitude and maturity have gotten in the way. If he can grow up, he might actually be able to stick in a truly terrible Texans secondary.