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Michael Vick Discusses Eagles Upcoming Matchup With The Dallas Cowboys

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Earlier this week, I wrote on Bleeding Green Nation that to be truly accepted by Eagles fans as their starting quarterback, Michael Vick has to go beat the Dallas Cowboys. It's a rite of passage for an Eagles QB. This week, Vick said he understands the rivalry.

"I didn't have to be here long to know that this was a heated rivalry. When I was young, I'd seen so many Eagles-Cowboys games and tempers flared, and teams really didn't like each other when they were out there on the field. And that's how it is within a division. You just have to go out there and block that out and just play football, because at the end of the day it is football."

He also says he hasn't forgotten how last season ended.

"It was a tough feeling last year, going down there and losing two weeks back to back, and the way we lost. So, we just have to come out and play with confidence, be poised, stay patient, weather the storm. We know they're going to be fired up in the beginning, and [we have to] just play smart. But it was an ill feeling leaving out of there last year and there was nothing we could do about it, because they ended our season."

It had to be doubly frustrating for Vick to watch what was happening and only to be able to get in for a few plays. He's got a chance to do something about it this time around and make a lot of Eagles fans believers in the process.