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Historic comparisons for 2010 Flyers

Broad Street Hockey points out a few tasty historical parallels between this Flyers team and the Broad Street Bullies of the past….

In their history, the Flyers have been in the Conference Finals 16 times. Of those 16 trips to this round, they’ve had a 2-0 series lead just three times, in 1974, 1975 and 2010. We don’t need to connect those dots for you.

I’ll spoil the fun and point out that the Flyers won the Stanley cup those years… Now for a parallel with one specific Flyer…

Leighton’s back to back shut outs to open this Eastern Conference Final are the first for the franchise since Parent did the same in 1975. Again, these parallels are getting fun. But lets dump a bucket of cold water on this for a second, because the Flyers didn’t play a good game tonight.