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Flyers take game two of Eastern Conference finals

The Flyers pulled to within two wins of a spot in the Stanley Cup finals as they shut out the Montreal Canadiens 3-0 in South Philadelphia tonight. Rich Hoffman summed the series so far up nicely...

However you look at it, we are witnessing a bludgeoning. The Flyers are the walking, talking, skating, winning definition of "role reversal," and it feels just fine -- for now.

The first two periods tonight were certainly not a "bludgeoning" by the guys in Orange & Black, but despite arguably being outworked a bit our boys still came out of those two periods with a lead. Why? A couple of hot goal scores and Michael Leighton. Broad Street Hockey talks about the Flyers netminder.


Leighton frustated the Habs all night long like the Flyers' crease crashing frustrated whiny Montreal-based hockey writers in Game 1. Ironically, the Canadiens lack of ability to get bodies in Leighton's way seems to be what's doing the Habs in right now, and as a result, the name of the current Flyers goalie -- who was on waivers a few months ago and in the press box last week -- is currently being used in the same sentence as Bernie Parent.