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76ers hire Doug Collins

An AP source close to the situation is reporting that Doug Collins has agreed to become the next head coach of the 76ers. Terms of the deal were not immediately known, and the announcement is expected to be made on Friday, with Collins officially introduced Monday.

Our Sixers blog, Liberty Ballers, says the hiring is hardly a surprise.

No surprise here. I think Doug will be a solid coach, and he's walking into a nice situation. Last year the team won 27 games and everyone despised Eddie Jordan, so Collins will look like a savior I'd the Sixers win 37+ games and play defense again.

But while the decision may not come as a surprise, it doesn't necessarily mean it is a good hire. Liberty Ballers has plenty of reasons why, starting with the fact he hasn't coached in eight years.

The last team Doug Collins coached was the 2002-2003 Washington Wizards, which was eight years ago. Eight years is a long time to be out of coaching. The game has evolved. The players have changed. The rules have changed. I have a hard time believing any coach - regardless of track record - can pick up a clipboard after being out of the league eight years and not need at least a year or two to adjust.

They also point out that Collins hasn't had a winning season since 1996.

Collins has a career 332-287 record, with Chicago, Detroit and Washington.

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