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Collins "I consider it home"

No doubt you’ve heard the question “why would Doug Collins take the Philly job” when he’s had other opportunities to get back into coaching in the last few years. In an interview with Comcast Sportsnet, he gives a pretty good reason why.

“I consider it home. Kathy and I lived there for 10 years. Our two children were born there,” Collins said. “Kelly and Paul (son in-law) and my two grandchildren live in West Chester. I really hit it off with Ed Stefanski, Tony DeLio and Gene Shue when they came to the house. I think they have some good young pieces and I’m excited about the No. 2 draft pick. I just think that last year was a perfect storm of everything that could go wrong did and there is a great chance to have a buzz in this city once again and have Sixers basketball be fun.”

It’s a great interview in which Collins reveals a lot of what he thinks of the current roster and some plans he has. For instance, he plans on enlisting Coach K to help turn around Elton Brand, he sees Andre Iguodala as a 3 and Thad Young as a 4, and appears to want to get back to the running style of the 2008 Sixers.