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Reading between the lines with Doug Collins

Doug Collins gave a pretty extensive interview to Dei Lynam of CSNPhilly yesterday which revealed both directly and indirectly his plans for the 76ers this year.

Let's pick apart a few quotes from that interview and read between the lines to figure out what he meant, or what we hope he meant.

“When I look at the team, I see Andre Iguodala as a three

Draft Evan Turner, put him at the two.

“Elton (Brand) is going to be a key piece for me and I am going to lean on him,” he said. “I want him to be a leader; I want him to understand when you play well in Philadelphia those people will love you. I just think he has so much left. Coach K and I will meet and we’re going to meet with Elton and hopefully have some good fun. We want Elton to get back and enjoy playing basketball because I think there is a lot there.”

Hopefully Duke researchers have invented some sort of magic knee healing ray and given it to Coach K.

Thaddeus is what I call a hybrid four, a guy who is in the Rashard Lewis category, that kind of skilled player that can stretch the floor and shoot the ball,” Collins observed, “I look at it from the outside,” he continued. “Two years ago when Young played the four spot the Sixers were small and that’s when they played a smaller lineup that got out in the open floor.”

Remember our slogan before last year, "Run with us?" Yeah... we actually mean that this year.

“I always felt that you win with defense and it starts with point of the ball. You have got to be able to guard the ball,”

I understand basics that Eddie Jordan did not.

I really hit it off with Ed Stefanski, Tony DeLio and Gene Shue when they came to the house. I think they have some good young pieces and I'm excited about the No. 2 draft pick.

I'm excited about the No. 2 draft pick.