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Collins: "This is going to be a defensive minded team"

At his introductory press conference, new Sixers coach Doug Collins stressed that his team will play defense.

“This is going to be a defensive-minded team, with speed, quickness, high energy. We have some players on the team that I am going to have to revitalize, get their joy in the game back. When I look at the Eastern Conference, everything is so fluid … I feel very strongly the Philadelphia 76ers can be very competitive. I promised Mr. Snider this is a team he will enjoy watch to play, compete, play passionately and give fans their money’s worth. Nobody knows the pulse of the city as an athlete like I do. I know if you play hard, play with joy and play as a team these people will support you. I want people to come back, be happy about their team, build it day-by-day. I’m a builder. The bigger the challenge, the more it excites me. I’ve taken on challenges everywhere I’ve been.”