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Sixth Inning heartbreak

The Good Phight says that the 6th inning last night summed up this entire Phillies slump.

Let’s just thin-slice this game. Emblematic of this dismal stretch was the sixth inning. Down 2-0, Shane Victorino led off with a single. Good, we all thought- will he now have a chance to run? And behold! On the first pitch he took off for second. But alas! Placido Polanco swung hard, also at the first pitch, and grounded the ball sharply to David Wright, who threw him out at first on a fielder’s choice. But wait! Chase Utley then knocked a single through the right side, and Victorino scored! Well, not exactly. He was held at third, respecting Jeff Francoeur’s arm, which was the source of a throw that went up the first base line, as the team continues to move around the bases with all of the grace of Prince Fielder. Well, there were still chances. So up stepped Ryan Howard. And he struck out on four pitches. Well, okay, how about Jayson Werth? Nope. Flew out to Francoeur to end the inning.

In the bottom of that same inning the Phils have up 3 runs thanks in large part to errors, bunts, & stolen bases.

Maybe the Wallflowers need to update their 2005 hit…