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Is complacency an issue for the 2010 Phillies?

Every team is going to have slumps. In a sport where you play 162 games that's just reality and the Phillies are smack dab in the middle of that reality. They've lost six of their last eight, including their last four games. In those last four losses they've been shutout three times. Worst of all, the last two shutouts have come at the hands of the rival New York Mets.

Still, slumps aren't necessarily a reason to panic, but as Paul Hagen explains complacency could be...

The Phillies have had a lot of success lately. Three straight division titles. A world championship. Plenty of exposure in national games on Fox and ESPN. Rich new contracts for many of the stars and plenty of adulation from the string of sellout crowds at Citizens Bank Park. When people are constantly telling you how great you are, a sense that's reinforced every time payday arrives, it's human nature to start believing it.

He also notes that earlier this week it was revealed that the initial all star voting had five position players on this team leading. It seems like an unfortunate coincidence for that news to come out just as the Phillies sink into their worst slump of the year.

All that said though, slumps do happen and sometimes there aren't always overarching reasons for it. As our Phils blog, The Good Phight, points out the Fightins still hold the 2nd largest division lead in MLB, still have a better record through 45 games than either of the last two years, & still have the best run differential in the national league.