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Evan Turner Was Disease And Accident Prone As A Child

Dick Jerardi at has a great profile of Evan Turner and he chronicles the rough start the prospect had during his youth.

“[My family] said I was sick, like, every other day,” Turner said last week from the Washington office of his agent, David Falk. “They were wondering if I was ever going to be fully healthy, live a normal life.”

Turner, 21, obviously does not remember all the details, but he does remember countless visits to doctors, “trying to get help.”

“When you’re a little kid, you’re just used to it,” Turner said. "I always thought, ‘Something is always wrong. That’s part of life.’ "

His mom, Iris James, was right there for all of it.

“Measles, pneumonia, eczema, rashes, adenoids,” she said from Chicago. “It was just one thing after the other. It was a mess.”

Eventually, he put most of the illnesses behind him.

“And then he started becoming accident-prone,” James said.