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Hagen: Phillies 'Will Be Actively Exploring [...] Trade Possibilities' To Improve Pitching

Paul Hagen of published this column about the Phillies' rumored interest in another starter, and his response is that if the Phillies' offense hadn't abruptly died, then pitching wouldn't be perceived as an issue. He continues:

Just in case, though, [Ruben] Amaro and his deputies will be actively exploring all trade possibilities between now and the July 31 deadline. That's a given.

Disclaimer: It appears that the Phillies don't have the prospects it would take to land an upper-echelon starter or the payroll flexibility to take on a big contract - Roy Oswalt, for example - even if the other team is only looking for salary relief.

Hagen also writes that "it's conceivable" that the Phillies "might have to consider" making an offer to Pedro Martinez. Note all the qualifiers in that statement, though. He doesn't sound convinced that Pedro is the solution.