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Sixers GM: Dalembert Trade Doesn't Affect Draft Plans

Earlier we noted some debate among experts about whether Philadelphia’s trade of Samuel Dalembert will affect their draft plans. Today, the Associated Press reports that Sixers GM Ed Stefanski says the team’s plans remain the same.

“I think we’re where we were before — the same draft options we had,” Stefanski said. “We’re very fortunate to be drafting No. 2. I don’t think [the trade] changes it a lot.”

The team has long been rumored to be targeting Ohio State wing Evan Turner. Kentucky big DeMarcus Cousins, however, believes the trade might change things up for Philly.

Cousins also said he thinks he could be a good fit for Philadelphia.

“They need a big man,” said Cousins. “When I saw [the Dalembert] trade, that really opened my eyes.”