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Welcome To SBNation Philly

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Learn all about how the new site works, what we do, and who we are.


Welcome to the new hub of Philadelphia sports, SBNation Philly. It's no blog... it's a space station!

OK, sorry for that. Let me start by introducing myself. I'm Jason Brewer, who you may better know as JasonB from Bleeding Green Nation where I've blogged about the Eagles for the past 4 years(has it really been 4 years?). Bleeding Green Nation is just one of the great sites we have covering the local teams here on SBNation. There's Broad Street Hockey for Flyers fans, Liberty Ballers for Sixers fans, The Good Phight for Philies fans, The Nova Blog for people on the Main Line, and The Brotherly Game for members of the Union. However, we haven't had a hub for the true "four for four" Philly sports fans. You follow all the local teams, you want a landing place for all your sports news... you got it.

SBNation Philly is set up to be the first place you check in the morning. At the top of the page will be great features by our growing staff of contributors as well as the innovative storystreams developed by For example, check out how we've covered the 76ers draft news. The initial story went up a month ago when they got the No. 2 overall pick and since then we've updated that storystream with every relevant piece of news and analysis that's come out about the pick. Anytime there's something new, that storystream will go back to the top of the page and you'll be alerted as to what updates there's been. If you wanted to, you could subscribe to the story as if it was its own blog and get all the updates delivered to you automatically. In fact, that's a good way to look at these storystreams. Imagine every story we do as it's own blog. You'll always be able to follow a story from it's start to the present.

In addition we've got the Philly Starting Lineup that will be updated every morning with the top five stories I think are worth checking out in the local Philly sports scene. Some will be great blog posts, some will be newspaper stories... If it's good work, you'll see it in the starting lineup.

On the right side of the page is the "Four for Four" blog. Here's where you'll find the interesting tidbits and irreverent Philly sports news all throughout the day. A girl writing a song about Roy Halladay might not warrant an expert feature... but it doesn't mean it's not worth knowing about. Actually you'll find all your Phillies related musical news there!

Being a "Four For Four" fan, someone who roots for the all 4 local major pro sports teams, was an important qualification for all the contributors to SBNation Philly. Our team bleeds all the same team colors you do. I think you're really going to like the insights and analysis of our contributors here. We've got Tommy Lawlor who you may know from his work on the Eagles websiteGeoff Detweiler from Broad Street Hockey, Ross Kelly who runs the site Stats Don't Lie and works for STATS inc., and of course yours truly. We've got more great contributors on the way soon.

By the way, the photo at the top of the story is one I took of a kid at the Phillies Championship Parade in 2008, the first and so far only championship parade of my lifetime. Here's hoping SBNation Philly gets to see many more in its lifetime. Thanks for checking out the site!