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Is Eric Lindros A Hall Of Famer?

Today, the panel which decides who makes the hockey hall of fame will meet. Among the list of candidates for the first time? Former Flyer Eric Lindros.


Given everything that ended up happening with Lindros, it’s hard to forget how great a player he was when he came into the league. His arrival in the NHL was very much like Stephen Strasburg today. He was a phenom. For quite a while he played like one winning a Hart Trophy. ... His arrival, along with the building of the then CoreStates Center made the Flyers the toast of the town.


But then Scott Stevens happened, concussions happened, Bonnie and Carl happened, Bobby Clarke happened and it all went horribly wrong. This 2007 piece on sums up the Lindros enigma well.


Sam Donnellon makes the case for and against Lindros in the hall in today’s Daily News.