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Finger: Turner Is A Can't Miss Pick

John Finger, Sixers’ writer for CSNPhilly, was fairly effusive in his praise for the Sixers’ drafting of Evan Turner.

Better, it was a can’t miss a slam dunk, if you will. In fact, one NBA pundit called Turner the one true star of the draft. One particular bit of bombast and hyperbole declared that in 10 years we will remember Thursday’s draft as the day the Sixers drafted a Hall of Famer.

Yes, apparently the Sixers nailed it. Smartly, GM Ed Stefanski didn’t outwit himself and grabbed Turner, a 6-foot-7 guard with a seven-footer’s wingspan, a knack for making clutch plays, as well as what his draft media guide bio says: a student of the game who studies past greats and appears to have a great understanding [of the game].

Might be quick to call the kid a future hall of famer… but suffice to say Sixer fans have reason to be excited tonight.