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Vick "Of No Interest" To Police In Shooting Probe is reporting that the police in Virginia beach do not regard Michael Vick as a suspect or person of interest in connection with the shooting that occurred outside of a nightclub that had hosted a birthday party for him.

The good news for Michael Vick this afternoon might be that the Virginia Beach police say he is “of no interest to us” as they investigate a shooting that occurred early this morning outside a restaurant where Vick reportedly had been celebrating his 30th birthday.

Police also said that witnesses and the alleged victim in the case were “very uncooperative.”

It appears very unlikely that Vick will face any legal repercussions from the incident. However, it remains to be seen what if any action the Eagles or NFL could take. Roger Goodell doesn’t require the same burden of proof that a prosecutor or police do. The mere fact that Vick was connected in any way with an incident like this could be enough for him to act.

That said, you would imagine that the league or team would need some sort of tangible evidence of wrongdoing to suspend or cut Vick. Whether that be a witness that comes forward or a video that surfaces… Something.