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Turner: 'I look forward to a very long career here'

Liberty Ballers posted a recap of Evan Turner’s introductory press conference. Be sure to check out all of his and Ed Stefanski’s thoughts, but here’s what “The Villain” had to say about playing with young Sixers’ PG Jrue Holliday.

“One thing you do is just work hard. Take one day at a time. Learn the system, learn how to play with each other and complement each other. I don’t want to use us being young or us being youthful as an excuse for the hard times,” Turner said when asked about the youth in the backcourt. “You just have to man up and grow up quickly and be professionals.”

“I pride myself in making my teammates better. Complement, that’s what it’s all about. Five guys out there working together and complementing each other,” Turner would go on to say during interviews after the press conference had concluded.