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Vick Talks To Police

Virginia Beach Police spokesman Adam Bernstein said that Michael Vick was interviewed about the shooting incident.

“The case is still being investigated,” police spokesman Adam Bernstein said. "The case is currently assigned to a homicide detective. Over the last several days, numerous people have been interviewed by detectives. This afternoon, Michael Vick , along with his attorney, came to Virginia Beach Police Headquarters to speak with detectives. He answered the detectives’ questions.

“The investigation into the identity of the shooter continues. No arrests have been made in the case.”

He also said that that there was no change in the police department's view of Vick in the situation. They still don’t regard him as a person of interest.

Vick’s lawyer said that the Quanis Phillips, the man shot in the leg, was an uninvited guest and had been thrown out of the party earlier.