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Vick Cake Smashing Details Emerge (No, This Is Not A Joke)

The NY Post went down to Virginia Beach in hopes of getting some more details on this whole Michael Vick shooting incident thing. A few witnesses revealed more about what may have happened between Vick and the shooting victim. The victim, Quanis Phillips, was a co-defendant of Vick in his dog fighting trial and the terms of their parole dictated that both men not socialize with one another.

Apparently, Phillips ignored that.

Quanis Phillips, a co-defendant in Vick’s dogfighting case, flew into a rage when Vick and brother Marcus Vick told him early Friday to leave the 30th-birthday party at a Virginia Beach nightclub, witnesses said.

Part of the “rage” apparently involved getting some birthday cake on Vick.

Before leaving, Phillips slapped a piece of birthday cake off a female partygoer’s plate, splattering the face of the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback with frosting.

“Michael didn’t react. I was surprised,” a witness at the bash said.

A witness did say however that Vick’s brother did get angry and appeared very agitated. At that point, most reports say that Vick left the party. Phillips however, continued arguing with people outside the club and was later shot in the leg.

So, there’s a few ways to look at this. If you believe the witness here, Michael Vick appeared to do everything you’d think a person in his position should do in the situation. A guy Vick was not supposed to be around showed up as an uninvited guest to his party and the man was asked to leave. When the man reacted angrily, Vick removed himself, his wife, and friends from the situation and left.

Of course, if the story ended there it wouldn’t have been news. The guy ended up getting shot. That’s where the details get fuzzy and that’s where witnesses start refusing to talk. If the sum total of Vick’s involvement in this whole incident was what this story reports, then it’s hard to say he did anything wrong. However, until police find out who shot Phillips and get that guy to talk we won’t know what if any involvement Vick had in the actual shooting. Until then, there’s going to be an understandable cloud of suspicion.