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Possible Trade Options To Replace Utley, Polanco

At a minimum it’s going to be two weeks before the Phils get Polanco and Utley back. If the test results they get back on both guys aren’t what they hope, it could be even longer… So understandably, have begun speculating on who the Phillies could get to fill in for the duo.

David Murphy says the pickings are slim.

He lists 40-year-old Mark Grudzielanek, Ty Wigginton, and Aki Iwamura (currently in Triple-A) as the most likely candidates due to their salary and possible availability.

Ryan Lawrence reports that Phillies assistant GM Scott Proefrock said that the injuries “increases urgency” for upgrades to be made.

Proefrock says team always looking to upgrade, but this increases urgency. Also said timetables on injuries will change that urgency.