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Flyers Agree To Two Year Deal With G Michael Leighton

It's no secret that the Flyers are desperately searching for a goalie this offseason(and every other offseason for that matter). They traded for the rights to Evgeni Nabokov and may or may not have made an offer to Marty Turco. Neither led to anything. When NHL free agency kicks off tomorrow, it's expected that the Flyers will make a major play at getting one of the free agent goalies on the market.

However, whether it was to cover their bases or to shore up their backup situation the Flyers signed Michael Leighton to a two year $3.1 million deal today. The contract carries with it a light $1.55 million cap hit this year. While there's a chance the Flyers see Leighton as a starter, the more likely scenario is that they'll keep him as their backup this year and look to deal Brian Boucher.