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Rollins to return June 18th?

Two weeks ago Phillies GM Ruben Amaro called Jimmy Rollins re-injury a “two week thing.” It’s been two weeks and the latest reports are that it could be another two weeks before Rollins returns to the lineup.

Jimmy Rollins is about to test his injured right calf again. If all goes well, he could return to the Phillies’ lineup in less than two weeks. The Phils are loosely targeting June 18 as the date for Rollins’ return to the lineup, but everything depends on how the injury responds as the shortstop increases the intensity of his rehabilitation program.

Rollins said that he may not be ready to make an every day return when he does come back, possibly playing two out of every three games for a few weeks.

“I might have to build up, two on, one off,” he said.